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About us

We are a group of tech-enthusiasts, who would like to spread the joy of programming with Python. Our aim is to organize workshops that serve as an introduction to programming and share our creations with the world! The workshops are focused mainly on high school students, without excluding the participation of any other interested party, while our projects are of random nature.

Our team started "locally" from the city of Lamia (where most of us reside), with the support of the Computer Science Department of the University of Thessaly and is willing to branch out to any city or organization that might be interested. Just give us a nod through the Contact section.


What We Do

If you are interested in Python this is the place to be!

Open Source Programs

We love open source. Bet you do too, that's why everything we create is freely available online for everyone to examine and modify. Do you think our work can be improved? Show us how by modifying our projects.


Sharing knowledge is crucial. That's why we are always trying to expand the programming community by engaging our young and passionate audience with interesting crash-courses and seminars! Here, check out our previous workshops.

Research & Development

Our team consists of academic individuals. We are the closest we can get to new research & development and we always try to incorporate new technology to our creations when it is worth it and applicable.

Rapid. Agile.

Not a few. Not a lot. Our team consists of the perfect amount of people for fast and targeted Development.

Recent Projects

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works

Logic Design Tools - LDT

Solver/Calculator for Boolean algebra and logic design.

Logic Design Tools is an app created for the sole purpose of acting as a solver/calculator for Boolean algebra and logic design. It was created by the team of PyLam, and it was the very first team project. It comes with a GUI version, making it user-friendly. It mainly refers to anyone studying logic design or Boolean algebra in general.


Sorting algorithms Visualizer written entirely on Python.

SortViz is an educational tool, developed in order to help students to understand how sorting algorithms work. The whole tool contains three scripts, the visualization script, the sorting algorithms script and the main script, bearing the name of the project itself.


Identify locally stored pdf documents based on an advanced user search query.


Modular password generator for today's security standards.


The presentations and exercises presented on our Workshops.

Crash Courses

We've also completed successfully a 2 hour Python Crash Course.

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