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A group of Pythonholics** undergraduate students

**Pythonholic: A person suffering from Python Language Addiction

About us

We are a group of tech-enthusiasts, who would like to spread the joy of programming with Python. Our aim is to organize workshops that serve as an introduction to programming and share our creations with the world! The workshops are focused mainly on high school students, without excluding the participation of any other interested party, while our projects are of random nature.

Our team started "locally" from the city of Lamia (where most of us reside), with the support of the Computer Science Department of the University of Thessaly and is willing to branch out to any city or organization that might be interested. Just give us a nod through the Contact section.

What to expect from us

Beautiful UI Designs

Our designs are made to be simple and modernized. You should be able to understand everything right away!

Fast Development

Not a few. Not a lot. Our team consists of the perfect amount of people for fast and targeted Development.


We love open source. Bet you do too. Well guess what! Everything we do is freely available online.


Explore our creations.

Active Events

There is no scheduled event currently.

Past Events

This event is over!

This event is over!

This event is over!

Meet the geeks!

We are not sure why, but you are still here! We think you deserve to see our pretty faces as result.

Paulos Aplakidis

New Blood

Giorgos Tsal.

New Blood

Taxiarchis K.


Using no way as a way, using no limitations as a limitation.

Sotiris Sapakos

GUI Artist

True fan of Material Design. I always strive to make an eye-candy creation.

Gefsi Eu.

App Developer

Hey! It compiles! Ship it!

Nikos Grigoropoylos

App Developer

I am the gadget man of this team. Hardware related issues? I am your guy!

Aris Karabelas

App Developer

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates

George Kranas

Assistant Manager

My temper is as stable as Francium, but at least I improvise good ways to talk back to you.

Vasilis Dimitriadis

CEO • Team Leader

We live in a crazy world and I am here to contribute.

Danos Trontsios

Web Developer & Marketing

Cause no one is going to bother with your work if it's not presented right.

Stelios Zlatintsis

App & Music Production

Just your typical crazy music producer.

Antonis Dadaliaris

Mentor • Organizer

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science Dept., University of Thessaly

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